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"We only bill on Deliverables, not on manpower"

“Business has only two functions – marketing and innovation.”


Verify the self checked information of customers, vendors, partners, employees, assets and liabilities monthly or timely.


Strengthen the checking processes; maintain quality of products and services provided to customers/users for satisfaction of the user/customer and improve loop holes of the system


Expand, develop, further enhance the business and acquire first and next as much as users. Target should be at least, global market, and 200+ million users as after proper establishment of business.


1.We understand your problem & requirement

and help you build the better requirement list

2.We propose outcome based commercials

and finalise SLAs, MOU and documentation.

3.The requirements are converted into activities to be executed

and are made live on the website.

4.The correct supply partners

are allocated relevant tasks.

5.Execution is monitored

as real time outcome with planned outcome which is also called expected outcome and delivery of outcomes is ensured.


                                                      “We only bill on Deliverables, not on manpower”

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