Campus ambassador

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Tharun Kumar


Sixinterns is growing at a very fast pace creating lot of internship opportunities for students all across India


Understanding & implementing should go together in today’s practical life. Keeping this in mind, we take care of individual’s growth as company/organization while including another corporate experience to your resume/ curriculum vitae


Apart from incentive, stipend, certificate of excellence and a letter of recommendation is provided, with a life-time privilege for guidance from the Mangers &  credit yourself as a campus ambassador(particular field handler) for Sixinterns in your resume, LinkedIn profile, blogs, personal pages etc.

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Generating and spreading brand awareness and recognition about Sixinterns internships in your location, college and online community through electronic media, various social associations and social association. You can post a status update on sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, with a link to your job posting.

Social Media

Six interns can help you develop multiple skills such as social media marketing, content marketing, organizing seminars, taking workshops etc. And the most interesting part is that you even get to earn rewards such as cash incentives, gift vouchers, and even some cool merchandise.


Put up the posters of the internship on the student advertisement board, college mess or cafeteria of your college within 4 days of accepting it.


Earn a substantial figure of students to enroll on the Sixinterns website via provided link


Circulate the internship mail to your student mailing list within 5 days of receiving the mailer.


At Sixinterns, campus ambassador is usually expected to work as much as they could, so it also helps you become a better planner in terms of managing your academic responsibilities along with your campus ambassador work. You can also include your campus ambassador experience on your resume – it is a valuable addition.